Your Professional Home Cleaning in Clapham

Perhaps you wish to keep your kitchen and living room the way you’ve last left them – spotlessly clean. Or maybe you’ve got so much work on your hands that all cupboards and kitchen appliances have been covered by ancient layers of dust, and your floors and windows – with stains that are just as old. In both cases, domestic cleaning in Clapham holds the solution you seek! Just tell us which sections of you home need our attention the most and the certified specialists will clean as much as possible for the time you hired them!

Make a Booking By Following These Simple Steps

Arranging a session for home cleaning in Clapham is easy. You can either dial 020 7846 0211, complete our online booking form or start a chat conversation on our web site on your own terms – customer representatives are available 24/7. If you are in need of cleaning on a regular basis, then you’ll have to choose a day and hour of your preference that should stay fixed for each weekly, fortnightly or monthly visitation. If you’re looking for a more thorough cleaning instead, you are free to choose a date and hour as well, but under the condition that each session cannot last less than 3 hours. Once all additional details have been settled, you’ll receive an instant, free of charge quote for your chosen option!

House Cleaning in Clapham and What Makes It Stand Out

Our regular cleaning has much to offer:

  • Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly sessions will ensure that your home remains dust and stain-free;
  • Upon request, the domestic cleaners can keep your pet safe and sound, organize your wardrobe, and do many other tasks;
  • You will not be charged for skipping an appointment or for terminating the service, as long as you notify us in at least 24h advance.

Bathroom Cleaning ClaphamAnd so does one-off cleaning:

  • If needed, the house cleaners can bring their own professional equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, mops, cloths, sponges, and detergents;
  • Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other items on your prioritization list will receive the best possible scrub and polish for the amount of time given;
  • There are no service obligations of any kind and you can take advantage of a same day and a key pick-up and delivery service.

But they also share many things in common:

  • Weekend and bank holiday bookings are available for your peace of mind;
  • If the time allows it, ironing and laundry can also be a part of either service;
  • Each specialist has been interviewed in person for your peace of mind and will closely follow your individual instructions;
  • You can get preferential rates when you book multiple services like window cleaning or carpet cleaning;
  • Our final prices do not involve hidden fees or minimum contract obligations of any kind.

What Exactly Makes Our Regular and One-off Cleaning Different?

While both services are hourly based, their methods are somewhat different. For example, regular cleaning can be booked frequently to maintain the cosy aura of your home. One-off cleaning, on the other hand, is performed only once and can be scheduled when your requests involve comprehensive spring cleaning, for example bathroom cleaning, polishing of various surfaces, unclogging of kitchen sinks, and other activities. Here, you would need to provide us with a list of cleaning priorities and a detailed description of your property’s layout.

Domestic Cleaning Checklists and What They Include

While domestic cleaning in Clapham can be applied to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or hallway, it can be scheduled to deliver different results:

Regular cleaning – The professionals will wipe all accumulated dust from your kitchen surfaces, wash the dishes, mop the floor, clean the bathroom sink and mirrors, scrub the bathtub, disinfect the toilet, change the bedding, clean all doors and handles, dust the window blinds, and much more.

One-off cleaning – Besides everything mentioned above, the experts will also take care of any spider webs and limescale stains, diligently scrub the bathroom tiles and all kitchen appliances, clean your living room furniture from all the dust that has been accumulated behind and underneath, and thoroughly wipe all skirting boards.

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