Enjoy Your Spotless View With Window Cleaning Services in Clapham

As the amount of stains and smudges increases, your home windows will start reflecting sunlight instead of letting it pass through – a subtle change that will become increasingly noticeable during the long, cold winter nights. Hire window cleaning in Clapham today to bring more warmth into your household and improve its aesthetics! A team of experts will use a special water-fed system to get down to work and refresh the surface of your panes. Reach out to us for a custom-tailored service that will work with your individual schedule and requirements.

Why Should You Consider Giving Us a Call?

After performing window cleaning services in Clapham in various London regions for over 10 years, we’ve received the approval of more than 50 000 satisfied customers. Why? Because our defining feature lies in flexibility – a single session is all it takes to not only clean your window façade, but also take care of your patio, garden furniture and gutter cleaning. We even offer you a free rinse of all PVC frames and sills in your property! In case you’re worried that you won’t make it in time to meet the specialists, we can arrange a convenient key pick-up and delivery service as well.

How Is Our Service Achieved and What Can It Offer You?

The window cleaners in Clapham will arrive in a van, equipped with an extendible water-fed pole. The water is supplied from a storage tank inside the vehicle and is ejected up the hose and through the pole’s end, where a special brush-head is attached. This system uses no ordinary water, either – the purified formula, together with the brush-head, will absorb all limescale, dust, and dirt stains without leaving streaks behind. Once the liquid has dried off, your windows will glimmer in the sun for many days to come. For internal cleaning, we’ll use the traditional ladder and squeegee method. And if you live in a skyscraper, we’ll send experts with ropes and ladders to climb and thoroughly clean your window facade!

There are also many other perks to be had, for example:

  • Day and night support: the friendly operators are always ready to answer your inquiries.
  • Climbing-free method: the pole can extend up to 22 metres and can reach the fourth floor of any building.
  • Get more, pay less: choose the right service packages for your needs and get special discounts!
  • Flexible booking slots: book 7 days a week and on bank holidays.
  • You name it, we’ll clean it: we take care of small and double, sash, skylight windows and even conservatory roofs.
  • Seasoned experts: all BWCA-certified experts carry IDs and arrive in branded uniforms & vehicles.

Important notice: Please reserve a parking space within 30 metres and on the same side of your property – our equipment is heavy and is attached to the van.

Get a Reliable Window Cleaning at Competitive Rates

We have always strived to deliver satisfying results at prices that are nothing short of affordable. Don’t believe us? Learn how much we charge below.

Property Price From
Flat £46
Maisonette flat £58
House £56
Detached House £68

* Window cleaning rates vary depending on property size. Minimum charge for one-off window cleaning is £46.

Bring the Sunshine Back Into Your Home Today!

Your window cleaning in Clapham is just one call away – contact us via 020 7846 0211 and the support team will readily guide you through the booking process. If you’re used to booking over the Internet, simply head over to our website to fill in our online form or join our instant chat facility instead. Tell us exactly how many windows are in need of cleaning, what’s their type and whether they’re within our reach and enjoy your accurate and free price estimation!

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